by Little King



Free Experimental Track From Little King x Geminik



Verse 1 (Little King)

we smokin on the finest
put the bulshit in the past its all behind us
so don’t remind us you’ll find us in old diners
I’m as high as snoop in a coop when he rolled by us

so don’t try us you know that we dope riders
we blowing that fire n gliding on spoke wires
my tires spinning, I’ve smiled & tried grinin
you’ve been fishing for a fathom but fuck it my tribe winning

you can catch me by the beach side high five’n fine women
ill die sinning I’m 25 n my minds trippin
cause that's quarter or maybe more of my life gone
i hit the corner store aurabora lights on

i beat the beat please believe i get my ike on
your dream queen she been chokin on my python
i write songs for the day I’m gone
so you can press replay repeat after me hey

Hook (Little King)

we riding round smoking on a pom pom's
we long gone from long island to hong kong x3
yeah baby we gone
yeah baby we gone

Verse 2 (Geminik)

Im still tippin like paul wall
The potion got me leanin on walls hard
Im weavin them cop cars Im leavin em all scarred
An all star
It all started in my moms twat, where my pops left a lost cause
Sorry mama bear
I need to work on courtesy n common sense but commonly i dont common care
Probably got me something rare
Erkle stashin Purple patches, blue spots n a buncha hair
Couple doubled up cups of lean i need a crutch n here
Fuck with them they cool boy and schoolboys no bucket head
Blueberry berry yum yum bumble bee im comfy here
Humble but get bucked over bucks like im in hunting gear
Its a jungle sometimes
in the streets beef happens over onions n pies
Underground in the dungeons i hide
A crumb of society its time i feast
Im a fuckin lion and to me, you're lima beans

Hook: (Little King)
we riding round smoking on a pom pom's
we long gone from long island to hong kong x3
yeah baby we gone
yeah baby we gone


released November 3, 2014
Written & Recorded By - Little King x Geminik
Beat Produced By - Blunted Beatz
Mixed & Mastered By - Little King



all rights reserved


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Little King Winnipeg, Manitoba

Little King Is A Up And Coming Hip-Hop Artist From Winnipeg MB, Canada 25 Years Old
Now Living In Calgary AB, Little King Has Expanded His Reach And Has Started Making A Dent In The Canadian Hip-Hop Scene, With Smooth Vocals And Strong Lyrics Little King Brings A Fresh Voice To Today's Hip-Hop Music

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